The Zlatan Challenge

With a total prize pool of 200K EUR – and a chance to win Zlatan’s watch.
The challenge is completely free to join, so you have nothing to lose.

In The Zlatan Challenge, you compete against your friends and against Zlatan of course. Beside challenging Zlatan, it is also easy to create your own league and invite friends and colleagues. The game itself is also very easy to play – but hard to master. Predict the outcome of the games in the group stage of the World Cup and which teams that will move on to the playoffs. Go ahead and check out Zlatan’s very own predictions – you are definitely in for some surprises.

How it works

It is easy, all you need to do is predict the outcome of the games in the group stage of the World Cup. You earn points by guessing home goals, away goals and winner of the game. Points are added live throughout the group stage. Once the group stage is over, the users with the most points win prizes from the prize pool. The top prize is Zlatan’s Rolex worth over 20K EUR and 10K EUR in cash. The top 1 000 players are eligible for a prize.

Zlatan Challenge will be open for new registrations until the 14th of June when the first game of the World Cup starts. Once the championship starts, you can follow the change of your score live and your current position on both a global leaderboard and in the leaderboards of your own personalized groups.

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