Live Casino like never before

In a collaboration more advanced than normally seen in the casino world, Bethard is hosting NetEnt for a fantastic tour de force through different environments. Ever wanted to play roulette underwater? See the dealer go bust in a smooth round of blackjack in space? Say no more, because this is what it’s all about.

Next Level Live Casino Environments give the player a different theme for 2 blackjack tables and 2 roulette wheels respectively. Dynamic exterior environments with high-end graphics give your casino-play a different feel, such as aforementioned underwater and space tables, topped off with a volcano theme for the ever so fiery inclined.

For the sports freaks under the vast clientele Bethard serves live tables for, NetEnt has something really special to offer; the name is Sports Roulette and it fittingly boasts a sports feed with live scores and results. You can watch them while spinning the little red and black wheel to your heart’s content. What’s more, you ask? Well, have a sneaky look at the internal environment, which is held entirely retro-futuristic and gives off its own specific vibe – Bethard style, of course.

The whole experience is sweetened with a progression system, that has you start off under the surface of the sea. The player collects fuel cells every time the dealer goes bust in blackjack or the colour red/black appears three times in succession on the live roulette tables.

To put it in the words of Bjørnar Heggernes, Bethard’s Casino Manager:

“Everyone is truly excited about this project and we are proud of the work put into making a unique concept that redefines the live casino experience. Next Level Live rewards players while playing their favourite table games, with a breathtaking journey from the deep blue sea, up to the fiery volcano, and the final destination; the eternal space.”