Betsoft press release: Bethard announcement

In a move that further strengthens its international presence, Betsoft Gaming has entered into a strategic content partnership with next-generation gaming company Bethard.


With the GAP platform acting as an intermediary, Bethard will integrate a wide range of Betsoft’s signature cinematic slot games.  The list includes new titles like Faerie Spells, and many other standout entries in the Slots3TM series – all of which will become available to Bethard players in Germany, Sweden, and other European jurisdictions.


Founded in 2012 by a small team of professional gamers, Bethard has since become a destination for players who demand the best in sports betting, live casino, and slots.  With a driving vision to do things differently, Bethard has built its reputation on a balance between the ultimate player experience and a strong commitment to responsible gaming.


“We are thrilled to be joining forces with Bethard to take gaming to the next level,” says Francesca Raniolo, Sales Executive for Betsoft.  “As seasoned gamers, the Bethard team know what it takes to deliver a state-of-the-art casino experience, and as a key content partner to many of the biggest online casinos in Europe, we have the products, the platform, and the experience to support their ambitions.”


The agreement also established a framework for the integration of new Betsoft content over time, giving Bethard’s players the chance to experience new innovations as they are released.


“Betsoft has proven itself to be a reliable partner, and their team has a huge amount of experience in producing high-quality content,” explains Bjørnar Heggernes, Casino Manager for the Bethard Group.  “We are convinced that our players will love the games that this initial agreement gives us access to, and our aim is to build a long-lasting partnership with Betsoft.”



About Betsoft Gaming:


Betsoft Gaming develops innovative casino games for desktop and mobile.  Its portfolio of more than 190 RNG titles reaches players through partnerships with many of the iGaming industry’s leading operators.  Under the SLOTS3TM banner, Betsoft is elevating players’ expectations; these cinematic slots blend rapid, gratifying gameplay with an audio-visual excellence more typical of movies and videogames.


An early entrant to mobile gaming, Betsoft launched the ToGoTM collection in 2012.  More recently, Betsoft revealed the ShiftTM environment, which supports truly cross-platform development at the same time as increasing performance, drastically reducing file size and streamlining integration.


Casino Manager, Betsoft’s comprehensive back-office platform, rolls reporting, management, marketing, promotion, and administration into a single compelling package.


Betsoft has held a Class 4 license with the Malta Gaming Authority since 2014.  The company’s games and RNG are both independently certified in more than 15 different regulated markets, including Italy, Germany, and Romania.


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About Bethard Group:

Bethard Group is based in Malta and Sweden. The company is currently licensed in Malta, Denmark, the UK, Sweden and Ireland. Work on a licence for a state licence in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany and a national license for Spain has been initiated. The company is also actively seeking licences in several other markets and expects to have a licensed presence in most key European markets already by 2020.


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Bethard granted gaming licence in Ireland

Less than a week after obtaining its Swedish gaming licence, Bethard is announcing yet another national licence. The Irish Revenue Department has granted Bethard Group a remote bookmaker’s licence. Bethard has thus secured five national gaming licences in Europe. The company is expecting further licences in 2019.


”We are moving forward at an exceptional speed, and I think we have managed to demonstrate our sincerity in our ambition to create Europe’s leading betting company” says Erik Skarp, founder and CEO for Bethard Group. “When I look back at 2018 and what we have managed to achieve in a very short period of time, I am exceptionally proud of the company. In house, we work under the devise “Winners dare more”. I feel that we proof this every day, every month. In less than one year, we have moved from being a small Swedish niche player, to a force that is to be reckon with in a much larger arena. And this is just the beginning.” is based in Malta and Sweden. The company is currently licensed in Malta, Denmark, the UK, Sweden and now Ireland. Work on a licence for a state licence in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany and Spain has been initiated. The company is actively seeking licences in several other markets and expects to have a licensed presence in most key European markets already by 2020.

It is Bethard’s intention to launch on the Irish’ market after the New Year.

For further information, please contact:

Erik Skarp, founder and CEO, Bethard Group Ltd

Jan Lindow, CMO Bethard Group Ltd


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About Bethard
Bethard Grout Ltd. is an iGaming company offering spiorts betting and casino games online. The company was founded 2012 and consists of a team of passionated individuas who share a vision of taking sportsbetting to the next level. The journey has only begun.
Bethard has its offices in St Julians, Malta.

Bethard granted gaming license in Sweden

Bethard continues to expand its licensed operations in Europe. Today, the Swedish Gaming Authority announced that Bethard, with its associated white labels, has been granted a Swedish license to operate as from 1st January, 2019. Bethard has thus, in 2018, secured three crucial licences in its strategic markets: The UK, Denmark and Sweden. More licences are to be expected during 2019.


”We are of course very pleased with having our Swedish license and to have received a green light for continuing growing in the Swedish market. Today, I am celebrating together with our white label clients, who now will get the same opportunity as us to carry out operations in Sweden” says Erik Skarp, founder and CEO of Bethard Group. “Sweden is, for many reasons, a very dear market to us and I am personally looking forward to show what we can do in terms of responsible gaming on our home market. Our goal is to become Europe’s leading betting company, not only in terms of innovation but also in terms of having the courage to take the right decisions in order to be a truly responsible gaming company”. is based in Malta and Sweden. The company is currently licensed in Malta, Denmark, the UK and now Sweden. Work on a license application for a license in Ireland as well as a state license in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany has been initiated. The company is actively seeking licenses in several other markets and expects to have a licensed presence in most key European markets already by 2020.

Bethard has been granted a Swedish license for the maximum period granted, which is five years. The license includes betting and online casino games.

Link: the Swedish Gaming Authority (
For further information, please contact:
Erik Skarp, founder and CEO, Bethard Group Ltd
Jan Lindow, CMO Bethard Group Ltd

Bethard teams up with The Swedish Gambling Association (SPER)

Bethard has been appointed membership in the Swedish Gambling Association, SPER. The membership means that Bethard commits to SPER’s work to create a safer and more sustainable gambling industry.

The application to join SPER is yet another signal that Bethard wants to step up its game in terms of responsible gaming. With a clear vision to become one of Europe’s leading betting operators, the company is firmly dedicated to continue to develop its offering within safe and responsible gaming.

“When we do something, we always give it a 100%”, says Erik Skarp, CEO and founder of Bethard Group. “We have very strict demands on ourselves when it comes to delivering on responsible gaming. That we now get the opportunity to contribute and challenge through our membership in SPER feels very good. At the same time we need to stay humble to the fact that we are not in any way perfect. We still have a lot to improve and our ambition is to learn from the best. We see that we can draw a lot of good knowledge from the competence and experience that SPER possess”

“Bethard’s ambition to strive for leadership within responsible gaming is very positive and brave. We are more than happy to help to contribute to that effort”, says Jenny Nilzon,CEO of SPER.

Live Casino like never before

In a collaboration more advanced than normally seen in the casino world, Bethard is hosting NetEnt for a fantastic tour de force through different environments. Ever wanted to play roulette underwater? See the dealer go bust in a smooth round of blackjack in space? Say no more, because this is what it’s all about.

Next Level Live Casino Environments give the player a different theme for 2 blackjack tables and 2 roulette wheels respectively. Dynamic exterior environments with high-end graphics give your casino-play a different feel, such as aforementioned underwater and space tables, topped off with a volcano theme for the ever so fiery inclined.

For the sports freaks under the vast clientele Bethard serves live tables for, NetEnt has something really special to offer; the name is Sports Roulette and it fittingly boasts a sports feed with live scores and results. You can watch them while spinning the little red and black wheel to your heart's content. What’s more, you ask? Well, have a sneaky look at the internal environment, which is held entirely retro-futuristic and gives off its own specific vibe - Bethard style, of course.

The whole experience is sweetened with a progression system, that has you start off under the surface of the sea. The player collects fuel cells every time the dealer goes bust in blackjack or the colour red/black appears three times in succession on the live roulette tables.

To put it in the words of Bjørnar Heggernes, Bethard’s Casino Manager:

"Everyone is truly excited about this project and we are proud of the work put into making a unique concept that redefines the live casino experience. Next Level Live rewards players while playing their favourite table games, with a breathtaking journey from the deep blue sea, up to the fiery volcano, and the final destination; the eternal space."


Bethard is entering the No Account / Pay n Play environment with its brand

Bethard Group is announcing a relaunch of its brand Fastbet. The brand is now operating as a ‘Pay n play’ fast track brand.

“We can see that there is a strong development towards faster and easier gaming products” says Bethard’s CEO Erik Skarp.

Although recognised as a strong B2C brand through, Bethard Group is establishing itself as a reliable B2B partner through its subsidiary Together Gaming, which offers state of the art platform services to the iGaming sector.

Erik Skarp continues: “Fastbet is our test case to ensure that we offer our increasing B2B customers the latest in gaming trends.”

The brand offers a solution for easy and quick play. There is no need for opening an account, all the customer needs to do is to deposit and play. This is done without compromising on the product quality.

Fastbet has a wide selection of casino and live casino games as well as betting opportunities for sport events all around the world.

All games are available to play on desktop computer, mobile or tablet.

Bethard Group is a multifaceted group offering various iGaming related services including onlince casino, sports betting, white label services and gaming platform services. It is operating under a Maltese, UK and Danish licence, with applications pending for German, Swedish and Irish licenses.

For more information, please contact:

Anne Muscat Scerri, Bethard Communication


The Ultimate Xmas Quiz

Creating a Christmas themed campaign isn't anything new in the gaming business. Bethard, however, has thought of an entertaining and rewarding way to keep players interested in their games; The Ultimate Xmas Sports Quiz. It's quite simple in its principle, answer one sports-related question a day and get a daily reward.

"We wanted something that not only rewards the player for their sports knowledge, which truly is rewarded in this case - but also something that entertains outside of our vast catalogue of odds and games to bet on. I think we succeeded in that" said Bethards Sportsbook manager Viktor Kareliusson.

There you have it - The Ultimate Xmas Quiz. Why don't you come on over and test your knowledge with Bethard?

Take quiz here:


This Friday, the national team presidents for the Swedish Sports Confederation, thee Swedish Football Association and the Swedish Ice Hockey Association wrote an editorial in DI demanding limitations regarding the amounts of markets offered by gaming companies. Erik Skarp, CEO and founder of Bethard replied by saying “We’re removing all possibilities to play on lower divisions and youth games from our product offering.”

From my end I can see that the debate - and extensive coverage – of the international gaming companied has started for real in Sweden before the upcoming limiting regulations. It’s very positive and maybe one of the most important things regarding the new regulations.

That we move from a reality where all gaming companies not named Svenska Spel and ATG by definition are seen as “suspicious” or lacking the will to work for responsible gaming environments and responsible gaming overall, to that instead scrutinize all participants on the same terms and with the same attitude.

That all actors will be forced to take responsibility for their business, company by company, instead of it being as today, split into a good side and a bad side. That system and that demand is what in the end will profit the consumers and increase gaming security – regardless the name of the company. The debate about gaming responsibility and security has up to now mostly been about the gaming companies internal control systems, marketing and their way of handling players with difficulties – and sure, that’s the core to create safer gaming environments and just like most other companies, we have things to improve. And we do. Not because we must, but because we want to.

The wheels are put into motion and personally I think it will be clear that the most responsible companies aren’t necessarily any of the old monopoly ones. On an equal playing field, it will be the internal moral of the company that determines that question.

But besides this, there is another part when looking at gaming responsibility – the markets that are offered. It was with great interest I took part of the argumentative article written by the three national team presidents Björn Eriksson, Karl-Erik Nilsson and Ander Larsson. They’re raising an important aspect of this complex issue and I found myself nodding and humming while I read it.

The authors of the article have in a good way captured the essence of the discussions we’ve been having internally for a longer time. The discussion concerning the fact that maybe we’ve all let the gaming supply grow to unhealthy levels. Maybe the industry has contributed to create an arena for putting pressure on youths and active players in the lower divisions?

 We have with increasing worry seen that this area is beginning to become a problem. At the same time, I think that we up until now have been approaching the issue in the wrong way. We have tried to restrain it by limiting the stakes on these markets to make the area less attractive for the ones trying to influence the games and the players.

I feel that limiting probably isn’t a strong enough measure to solve the problem, at the same time as it creates irritation among the players that can’t accept that they can bet bigger amounts on the games in the highest divisions, but much less on the lower.

In reality this is an insecurity from our end where we don’t always feel a hundred percent sure that we can guarantee that everything is being handled correctly in these contexts. The substance of this is really the following: We haven’t fixed the problem for the players and we’ve also created a problem of our own with a number of unhappy customers.

In the light of all this I think it is time to act. We are a privately owned company and we don’t need to firmly establish decisions regarding changes in a longer process like several of our listed competitors. We can act fast and then we should.

That’s why we’ve decided to remove all options to play on the lower divisions, on youth games as well as on youth championships from our supply. This will happen with immediate effect.

So, where will we draw the line? We’ll start with the youth sports and listen to the recommendations from the presidents of the national federations and close all markets on levels below Under-21, then we have a good margin towards the 18 years limit that’s proposed.  Regarding play on games in the lower divisions, there’s a big difference between countries and sports so we will make changes depending on each individual scenario.

Our experience is that the most exposed playing objects are the ones with a small audience and small or none medial coverage. Hence, in Sweden we start to remove all markets for divisions lower than the 21 in Sweden on football, and under Hockeyettan when it comes to ice-hockey.

For other sports and markets we will make assessments regarding where to draw the line and try to apply the change to the entire product range.  Then we’ll continhue with making ongoing evaluations. If we need to set an even harder limit we will do so.

All gaming companies have a responsibility to protect the consumers from games that aren’t safe. From games where criminal people or organizations pressure the involved to influence results or separate events. We want to take part in initiating a necessary change.

We may well be “Zlatan’s gaming company” and we are growing fast, but we are not yet big enough to create a change on our own. We would therefore like to call on our competitors and branch colleagues to join us in this.

It is not about winning political brownie points. It is simply about common sense and an issue we all should have tackled a long time ago.

Full link to article:
Article written by the associations:

Bethard collaborates with Magnus Rydeving collaborates with Magnus Rydeving, one of Swedens leading experts in gaming addiction and gaming responsibility.

Today presented their latest acquisition, Magnus Rydeving, who has become known as one of Sweden's most influential experts in gaming and gaming responsibilities over the years. Magnus is currently running where he lectures and educates about issues related to gambling addiction, as well as coaches people with gambling problems together with their relatives. Magnus, with the role of external expert, will help Bethard become a leading gaming company when it comes to gaming responsibility.


“I am incredibly happy and proud that we will be working with Magnus, as he has enormous knowledge within what we consider to be a very important area,” explains Erik Skarp, founder and CEO of Bethard Group. “It was far from obvious that one of the gaming industry’s loudest critics would show such an open mind and agree to cooperate with us about the issue. However, now everything is in place and I look forward to, along with Magnus, making our vision to make Bethard one of the safest gaming alternatives on the market a reality.”


“Those who know me have hardly been able to avoid the fact that I am highly critical about how the majority of gaming companies handle gaming issues and gaming responsibilities. I have to admit that at first I was very hesitant to help Bethard when they reached out to me,” says Magnus Rydeving. “But I quite quickly realised that the company was serious about becoming better and taking greater responsibility. I see this as a great opportunity to change the system from the inside - and to be a part of working towards responsible gaming in a regulated gaming market.”


Magnus Rydeving will be having full transparency to the company’s systems and relevant processes. He will continue to work with Spelnykter in addition to his work with Bethard. is based in Malta and is currently licensed in Malta, Denmark and Great Britain. A license in Sweden has also been applied for.


For more information, kindly contact:

Erik Skarp, founder and CEO of Bethard Group Ltd


Magnus Rydeving, Founder of Spelnykter
Twitter: @spelnykter


Jan Lindow, Marketing Director at Bethard Group Ltd


About Bethard is an iGaming company that offers sports betting and casino games online. The company was founded in 2012 and consists of a team of passionate individuals who share the vision of taking sports betting to the next level. The company is based in St. Julians, Malta. is granted license to operate in Denmark continues to extend its geographic reach across Europe. The company today announced that it has been granted a license to operate in Denmark.

"2018 is a truly exciting year for us" – Erik Skarp, CEO

”We are very satisfied to get a green light in Denmark and we look forward to start growing our presence in the Danish market”, said Erik Skarp, co-founder and CEO of Bethard Group. ”2018 is a truly exciting year for us, one in which we are determined to lay a solid foundation for establishing Bethard as Europe’s leading sports betting brand. And we have had a great start. First with the announcement of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’ joining our team, followed by a very successful start in the UK market and a great World Cup. Now the time has come to conquer Denmark”. is currently licensed in Malta, Denmark and the UK. Applications for a gambling license has been filed in Sweden. Work on a license application for a state license in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany has been initiated. The company is actively seeking licenses in several other markets and expects to have a licensed presence in most key European markets already by 2020.

Bethard will start welcoming Danish players to the site within weeks.

For more information, please contact:

Erik Skarp, co-founder and CEO Bethard Group Ltd

Jan Lindow, CMO Bethard Group Ltd